All-in-one FX Broker Solution with Finovace UK

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In today’s busy world everyone wants a swift solution for everything and when it comes to setting up a low cost Forex business; who can understand you better than us!

Forex entrepreneurs around the world have to go and check with multiple vendors for the different software and services they need for their brokerage business. It not only requires a lot of commitment but also costs a good investment.

How amazing it would be to get everything you need under one roof and that too at the lowest cost in the market? Yes, no kidding about that, we at Finovace strive to provide you the best software and services and all this with round the clock customer support.

Our Whitelabel packages are designed in a way that most of the important broker tools are already included in it. And we have smooth integration available for the external services.

7 Key Elements to Start a Forex Brokerage Business:

1.Company Registration

The first and foremost thing is that you need a company registered with adequate permissions, no need to worry we have enough tie ups to help you get it done in the country you want.

2.Bank Account

Once the company is registered you will need a bank account to manage all your low cost Forex business transactions; we are in agreement with some of the best service providers and this can also be managed by us for you.

3.Trading Platform

Now you need a whitelabel trading platform which is user friendly for your customers and cost-efficient for you. Start a Forex broker with our Mobius Trader 7 at first month free subscription; only pay the one-time setup charges and unlock exciting pre-installed benefits.

4.Payment Gateway

Once you have got your whitelabel trading platform, you need a Payment Gateway to manage your customer’s deposit and withdrawals. We have partners with some of the best PSP’s in the market and can get it delivered to you very swiftly.

5.Liquidity Provider

World is already seeing a very difficult time with Covid -19; having Liquidity helps you survive even in the toughest economic conditions. We have a smooth bridging facility for the choice of your liquidity provider.

6.Client Office

Client office is the most important part of your low cost Forex business so that your client can easily manage his accounts and transactions. While most trading platforms need an integration of an external software for this, Finovace whitelabel packages come with a pre-integrated Client office which makes it much easier for you

7.Branded Website

In any online business, your Forex broker website is the store of your business. With our Whitelabel packages you get a FREE BRANDED PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE. Now, display your services professional and connect with your clients more effectively

There are times when new Brokers are not too aware about the technical world when it comes to starting a new business and a lot of time they struggle managing everything on their own.

Finovace Business Technologies has been working for a long time, providing the customer excellent support. We provide one-spot-solutions in which we take up all the setup responsibility off from your shoulders and you can focus more on your operations.

No more wandering around, get everything you need for starting your low cost whitelabel Forex brokerage business with Finovace UK. Now start a Forex Brokerage within 7 working days with our Mobius Trader 7 with first month free subscription!!

Get your Free Demo today, visit our website at . You can send us an enquiry at [email protected] and Skype us at sales.finovaceUK.

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