Benefits of using Whitelabel Forex Trading Platform & How to choose one

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Benefits of using Whitelabel Forex Trading Platform & How to choose one

The Forex market is very big and it has a very low barrier to entry, it’s easy to step into the FX world & build a name. If you are also looking to dive into the Forex market, then you should first decide whether you want to build your own FX trading platform or want to go for the Whitelabel solution.

Some Forex brokers choose to develop their own Forex trading platform because this way they can be completely unique from their competitors. But this advantage comes with big expenses, responsibility of maintenance and its advertising to attract more clients.

Instead of doing all these efforts you can go for the whitelabel trading platform solution.

These whitelabel solutions are perfect for the new brokers as you get the customized features at a feasible price. Checkout some of the benefits you could get with whitelabel:

Branded & Customized Platform

Smooth & Perfect Combination of Technology

Complete Client Service

Connection with Providers

Marketing Tools

  • Around-the-clock Support

But aside from these benefits, consider the following ones to decide whether to choose Whitelabel service or not:

  • The Time & Money 

While forming the brokerage and selecting the trading platform it’s important to consider how much it will cost. Will you be paying monthly fees or once only? Will there be any extra charges for maintenance? What about client support? How long will it take to acquire the platform after payment? These things also need to be considered while choosing the whitelabel solution.   

  • The Technology

The technology of your Forex program must be quick as well as effective. It must be responsive & easy to use so that your new client will understand the handling immediately. Also check whether platforms support iOS & Android devices as well as the Windows & other OS, also it should work on the back-end of the business & systems are integrated.

  • The Training & Support

Reputable trading platform providers also offer training for their clients. The training can be on voice or video call and ultimately tells clients about how they can use the features as well as the back-office service. And if you find any queries or encounter any issues after that, there should be client support services where you can easily get answers to your problem. 

As Forex brokerages are growing, Whitelabel solutions demands are also increasing because they offer comprehensive business platforms to brokers. As a new broker, you can save plenty of development and maintenance costs by simply choosing a whitelabel platform solution rather than building your own trading technology platform. Finovace is also a whitelabel solution provider in the industry with years of experience in working with Forex brokers. You will find Mobius Trader 7 whitelabel solution at Finovace for just $1750 per month investment. Get the detailed information about this offer, here

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