Finocrm Lite, The Perfect Solution For Your Forex Trading Operations

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Finocrm Lite, The Perfect Solution For Your Forex Trading Operations

Finovace Business Technologies UK Limited is always focused on offering the solutions for Forex trading operations. FinoCRM Lite is also one solution which is very flexible and designed specifically for the Forex brokers as well as whitelabels. Finovace always delivers cost-effective solutions so that our client will receive a better experience without spending more. Forex brokers can customize this FinoCRM Lite product as per their business models and also optimize it for their procedures. By using our FinoCRM Lite product, brokers will receive all-in-one business solutions for every trading option that they want to execute in their brokerage. 

Core Features of our FinoCRM Lite Solution:

All-In-One Management: 

Our FinoCRM Lite solution helps you to manage all of your clients, trading accounts, transactions, reports, partners, leverage requests and more. So you will receive one-stop-solution for all your Forex brokerage business operations without spending much.   

Manage Introducing Brokers: 

Connecting with most of the IBs (Introducing Brokers) is the quickest way to grow a Forex business. So FinoCRM Lite offers a multi-tier IB structure for your brokerage business that will help you connect, manage and develop most of the IBs. 

Forex CRM: 

With the help of FinoCRM Lite, Brokers can expand their Forex business by handling all clients plus offering a top-level of experience to them by keeping your costs down.

Offers Trader’s Room: 

FinoCRM Lite provides your clients a Trader’s Room (client area) so that your clients (traders) will perform all their account related activities here which is outside of the actual trading. You can also consider this feature as a client’s central hub of communication with your Forex brokerage business.  

Compatible with MT4/MT5/cTrader:

This FinoCRM Lite is fully compatible with the popular Forex trading platforms such as MT4/MT5 and cTrader, so you won’t face any system failure or technical issue while working along with your trading platforms.

Integrates with PSPs:

As in Forex business, handling the thousands of transactions is quite difficult for the broker, so FinoCRM Lite also offers the integration with your PSPs for making the payment much more secure and easy.  

Website Integration:

As every brokerage firm is having business online with their websites, FinoCRM Lite provides the facility to connect with your website so when traders open an account via website it will also created on CRM, this reduces the complexity as well as quality time. 

Finovace is providing this advanced CRM solution which not only manages your clients but also IBs, compatible with trading platforms offers integrations with website, PSPs and more, so this is the complete business solution that is capable of handling your entire Forex brokerage activities.

FinoCRM Lite is available at a very affordable price so to purchase this product just visit our website or email us at [email protected]!

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