Key Features of Finovace Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel Solution

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Start your own whitelabel Forex brokerage business by using Finovace Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel Solution. Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel turnkey FX brokerage solution is designed with an aim to offer a reliable, transparent, and modern design platform at an affordable price. The Mobius Trader 7 platform leverages on innovative technologies to deliver branding possibilities & convenient trading experience to your clients.

Mobius Trader 7 is the perfect platform to open a brokerage firm or even enhance the existing one within the budget. Best thing about Mobius Trader 7 is that it supports all the platforms so that your client will work from any location & systems without losing the workflow. Mobius Trader 7 also offers the high-speed execution along with the customization features, to configure it as per your business requirement. 

To offer this all-in-one solution to your clients under your own brand name, it’s necessary to have the Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel Solution which is available at

Key Features of Finovace’s Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel Solution are:

Build a strong brand by offering your clients personalized experience. Using our Whitelabel solution you can provide this most convenient whitelabel trading platform under your brand name which eventually increases client’s loyalty towards your low cost FX brokerage business. Along with the branded whitelabel you will receive the Dedicated Data Security, Demo/Live Servers, API & Dedicated Server Hosting as well. The best thing about our Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel Solution is, you also get the Windows, Mac, Linux, Web terminals as well as Android & iOS platform for accessing the market from any location.

By using Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel Solution, you can generate unlimited numbers of Accounts Types, Users, Client Accounts and Managers. The one more benefit of this solution is, you can also experience credit bonus as well.

You can get the CRM System benefit such as Traders Room, Admin CRM, Affiliate Area as well as the Integration to Payment Service Providers in the Plug and Play* format.

Our Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel Solution package also includes a Risk Management feature, in which you can Manage Orders, Edit Orders and even Reopen Orders along with a Balance Adjustment facility.

You can also perform the Copy Trading and receive the PAMM, in addition to this, Options Platforms also available*.

So these are the key benefits, you can experience by simply purchasing the Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel Solution from Finovace at first month free subscription. Only pay the setup charges worth $4750 and start a FX broker today! Just checkout our pricing table here . Finovace also ensures the top services and experiences for running your Brokerage Business successfully. For more details or any enquiry, you can directly send us mail at [email protected].

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