Most Convenient Whitelabel Trading Platform for FX Brokers

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For starting your own low cost whitelabel Forex brokerage business, you also need to have your whitelabel trading platform that you will provide to your clients/traders. 

Now, as you have decided to dive into the Forex industry, you probably have the question in mind which is the good Forex whitelabel trading platform that will come under your budget as well as satisfy your client’s requirements.

As trading software is the primary requirement for performing the trading in foreign exchange market and it’s the platform through which your client will access the market. So offering a convenient and easy to use trading platform is beneficial for Forex brokers as most of the time, clients are novice and don’t have much experience in handling critical software.

One more benefit of choosing the right platform is, you can connect with your clients, and they will get access to exchange rates plus execute trades using your platform. Some of the modern trading platforms also provide some advanced features such as multiple trading accounts, charting, technical analysis & automaton facilities. 

These are the features also needed to watch as it helps Forex newbie’s who feel little flustered by this volatile market.

Though there are so many trading platforms available in the market, Mobius Trader 7 is the most convenient turkey Forex broker solution and it’s gaining popularity among Forex brokers & traders alike for its user-friendly interface and multi-platform support features. 

Take a look at what Mobius Trader 7 is offering that will be helpful for brokers & their clients:

Features of Mobius Trader 7 Platform

  1. Supports all platforms

Mobius Trader 7 supports all OS and devices such as Web Browsers, Windows, Mac OS, Linux along with mobile devices like Android & iOS, so by offering this turkey Forex brokerage solution to your clients, they can work from any location from any devices.

  1. Reduced access time

Mobius Trader 7 offers high-speed trade execution, and to achieve this they have established multiple servers all over the world to reduce the access time.

  1. Customization

You can do customization as per your brokerage requirement with Mobius Trader 7 such as spreads and leverage and commissions.

  1. Synchronization

With the Mobius Trader 7, you will also receive the automatic synchronization feature between all platform connected devices.

  1. Indicators & Graphical Objects

In Mobius Trader 7, you can get access to a number of preset indicators plus graphic objects, these will help your clients to easily manage their trading.

  1. Other tools & Offline Mode

You can offer all types of trade execution, interactive charts, real-time quotations and even offline mode, so that your clients will continue their work even after losing the internet connections.

As per the above features, choosing Mobius Trader 7 whitelabel trading platform for your whitelabel Forex brokerage while starting a low cost Forex business could be a good idea. 

You can use the whitelabel solution and offer this Mobius Trader 7 platform under your own brand name. 

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