Some Must-Have FX CRM Features For Your Brokerage

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Despite the global lockdown, the forex industry seems untroubled and might be the one to lead the world’s growth drive. As the forex market is growing rapidly, more new traders are entering the sector and are in desperate need of reliable whitelabel trading platforms. To meet the growing demand and bring in benefits, traders will need Forex CRM

As per statistics, Forex CRM solutions help brokerages improve their sales by 29% and boost their productivity by 34%. Pretty jolting, isn’t it? With several players in the market, whitelabel forex brokerages need to have an efficient forex CRM since it is one of the pivotal features in defining any low cost FX business’s success.

What is CRM?

CRM, an abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management, is a blend of business strategies, software, and processes that facilitate in building long-lasting relationships with your clients. It allows a better understanding of your customers’ activities and improves both staff productivity and overall sales. 

Why Forex CRM craze?

Given the fact that this market runs purely on data and every individual’s data changes with levels, a simple yet detailed Forex CRM technology is the need. 

A forex CRM provider like Finovace understands this competitive market, the whitelabel trading platforms, various partners involved, and so, can provide your brokerage with an overall solution.  

Now that we’ve understood what CRM is and the need for FX CRM, let’s dive into some features of CRM that are must-haves.

Some Must-Have FX CRM Features

Customization and White-labeling

Your Forex CRM solution should be customizable to meet your brand guidelines like logo, color schemes, icons, chat tools, payment solutions, etc. This will make your whitelabel FX brokerage seem professional to your clients. 

Finovace offers a fully customizable CRM particularly to fx brokerages that are both user-friendly and reliable

Compact Management 

An ideal forex CRM will manage data, client interactions, marketing activities, staff performance all in one place besides offering API-as-a-service. This will make it a go-to platform for anyone of any level from your whitelabel FX brokerage. An all-in-one management platform makes the interaction with your existing tools seamless.

Multi-level Partner Management  

Managing revenue shares can be quite risky, especially when you’re managing multiple brokerages, money managers, and other affiliates. It gets even more intricate when they’re dealing with the same clients.

Finovace offer a FX CRM solution which is developed keeping the exact situation in mind. It lets you track, automate, and split payments to ensure that the right individual is getting paid with the right amount

Client Segregation

Segregating your customers based on their trade volumes or other factors can help in maintaining personalized relationships with them. This will also keep them happy and loyal to your brand.

An ideal FX CRM can help you segregate your customers by understanding their trading habits and profitability, which, in turn, ensures that you give adequate time and attention to different groups accordingly

Combined Communication Tracking

The pre-installed FX CRM with our Whitelabel program lets you schedule follow-ups, callbacks, tasks and much more using the calendar so that no client is left waiting. Additionally, all the appropriate information on one screen helps traders make efficient decisions.

It is hard to find all the features in a single CRM software, and even more difficult to get at an affordable price, right? No. With Finovace, you can get all these features pre-installed, unlike others where you have to pay extra pennies.

All the CRM features mentioned above are essential for every business and not just forex brokerages. Purchase FINOVACE’S  Mobius Trader 7 Whitelabel trading platform which comes with a pre-installed FX CRM solution, at first month free subscription. To know about the pricing details of the complete package, click here

We are a full-service IT and software solutions provider and strive to maximize low cost FX brokerage business effectiveness right from the beginning. Get a one-spot solution with us for all you need to start your whitelabel forex brokerage business. Visit us by clicking here or mail us directly at – [email protected].

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