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Finovace has a dedicated manager, stop using a BOT for customer support.

Finovace being into Outsourcing Business over the years is continuously providing support to its clients and inviting you to outsource your business with us. Not being specific to any particular sector, Finovace support team is in the sense of prepared to help you with their recent experience and knowledge.

Chat Support Services
Customer Service Outsourcing
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Chat Support

We always have adequate resource backups for chat support. Not all our prospect will be calling us for the support, as per our surveys 60-70 % of customers prefer online chat-boards for support. Finovace lets you support your customers outside hours through its Chat Support Outsourcing solutions.

Our adjacent live chat team resolves all the customer issues by elaborating it accurately to the escalation department and communicates the proper answers to the customers. Customers don’t like replies from a BOT. They seek the sympathetic and correct response from you. Finovace Outsourcing dedicated team supports your customer by replying them precisely leading to more customer engagement.

Why Choose Finovace as your Chat Support Outsourcing provider?

  • One to one customer response by dedicated manager.

  • Proper Ticket Generation and Escalations

  • Increase in Client Retention and Engagement

  • Less time consuming

  • Comparatively less cost consuming.

  • Highly qualified representatives for different Industry

  • Regular Monitoring of chat boards.

  • Zero response time

Chat Support Outsourcing Provider

Email Support

Responding to an email in a professional manner is no more difficult with Finovace. Along with highly qualified email support team we have frequent internal trainings for improvement from the feedbacks. With this one can be assured that the customer satisfaction score will not go below 96%.

Opting Email Support Outsourcing with Finovace offers you

Cross checking’s of email before sending

Considerations of Pro’s and Con’s while replying to on Email

Easily understood language of an Email

Email campaigns for feedback Surveys. (If required)

Phone Support

Finovace having completely separate department for phone support outsourcing, clients get the benefit of 24x7 phone support without overlapping the resources. Internal audits are being carried out to avoid any flaws as we keep in mind that customer should not navigate to your competitors panel.

Outsourcing Fx Brokerage

FX Broker Customer Support Outsourcing with Finovace

Experience and qualified workforce is big asset for all the Forex Brokers. Finovace is truly making difference for its forex Brokerage Clientele, by providing the highly experienced dedicated manager for the Forex Traders.

Look what you get in Outsourcing FX brokerage with us :

  • Customer Retention
  • High quality Workforce
  • Professionalized Work Flows
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Regular Feedbacks and Feed forwards.
Gaming Customer Support Service Providers

Fantasy Gaming Customer Support Outsourcing with Finovace

With the help of our technology experience, we help payers get back into the game after contacting our support team. As a gaming customer service provider, Finovace has experience dealing with client service issues such as scalability, consistency, and providing outstanding customer service.

Key benefits of Finovace as Gaming CS outsourcing service providers

  1. To understand the requirements of the players we need to think as per their perception, we have agents who are hardcore gamers, semi-pros, and ex-pros. This will encourage the maximum user engagement.
  2. Our agents are not only gamers, but software experts as well, they can help you and the end users to solve all the related queries.
  3. You can count on our dedicated Anti-Cheat teams to review demos, ban people for no reason, and remove them if your anti-cheat teams have banned someone without cause.
  4. The majority of customers find Live Chat more convenient, and it is great to be able to answer your customers 24/7. One can take benefit by opting Finovace for Gaming Customer support service providers.

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Finovace team of professionals are ready to answer your questions,
guide you to the right solution or help you with your network design.

Finovace Group, launched in 2018 offers one stop services for all Fintech, BPM, KPO and Outsourcing Services. With the skilled team and right KPI & SPO, we offer one of the best services and support for the businesses to grow with us.

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