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Finovace has been providing Historical Tick data, Live Bid alerts and many more.

Forex market is the only market which is open for 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. In order to provide you with the most reliable FX data, Finovace provides high-grade market analytics.

Forex Data Feed Provider
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Data Feed Provider

Why data feed is important in
Forex World ?

It is crucial that the Forex brokers provide their traders with quality data feed on which they can take the decisions. The input data must be reliable and timely in order to make technical trading decisions. Prices in your terminal are determined by the data feeds brokers receive. In the case of ECN and STP brokers, they aggregate prices from different sources and stream them to traders; or they source their data feeds from a single source, and then build a market around it.

To provide traders with quality feed, broker must be having proper data feed provider.

Finovace is always in continuation as the accurate and best data feed provider for all its broker clientele.

Have a glance at our data feeds

Composite Forex Feed

Finovace provides unique and aggregated forex feeds and quotes from various significant forex contributors, prime banks, and financial institutions. Essentially, each feed is a weighted average of a set of sources (each containing a range of bid and ask prices) of a group of OTC forex feeds. Feed from source and weights are carefully selected to maximize the following characteristics of the feed produced


Spread width

Mid-price, which aims to be a reflection of market conditions, "actual" market state

Finovace as a Forex Data feed Provider, especially appeals to those who want instant access to a headline outlook on the current situation in the FX market.

Market Data Feed Providers
Finovace Datafeed  Service Provider
FX Data Feed Provider

Our analytical team is continuously analyzing the historical feed for the better experience of traders over the years, to display the most exclusive FX rates.

The technology of the pricing platform leverages data from the most prominent market makers worldwide. Data feed tech-sol of Finovace enables a selection of current currency rates in over 40 different currencies, which provides the most reliable data search and verification service in the foreign exchange sector.

Data Feed Service Provider

Prices for Bid/Ask, and Mid are available. Our rates are comparable to EBS's reference rate feed but cost less than the other service providers.

Market Data Analytics Tools

Market Scanner

With Finovace data feed servicer you can access a comprehensive analytical and technical tool that scans the entire market data. Finovace Market Scanner provides instant trading signals with tick-level resolution. This powerful tool allows businesses to add unique features to their analysis or trading software instantly.


Our real time data visualization tool provides an advanced interface to track Depth of Market (DOM) movement and order book growth. This powerful tool helps users make better choices based on the latest data and gives a clear market view. The core of this software is an Order-Book Heat-Map.

Real-Time FX Feed services

Real-time Forex Feed

The Real-Time FX Feed service is collaboration with EDI and Trader Made Systems.

Access a complete interbank data feed that covers 40+ spot currencies and silver and gold against the major currencies. We have Interbank data feed that comes via Tier-One banks and institutions.

Why choose us as Data Feed provider?

Accuracy on 30000+ currency pairs.

Real-time Data feed Provider

Compelte Data-Transparency

Timely updates on Market Feed

Global Finacial Insights

Most reliable for risk assessment calculations

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