Working with banks is the primary activity of Finovace. And we are always ready to offer the most convenient, efficient and reliable solution to banks as per the requirements. We have built up the turnkey solution to successfully meet the bank’s requirements and we are also ready to add-on unique modules that will be created for each of our clients. It is also achievable to develop an exclusive terminal without mentioning our company name, along with a design that you can easily register under yours name.


Multi-Asset Solution

Types of Trade Tools:

  • Forex
  • CFD
  • Equities
  • Futures
  • Options

Front-End Suite

Primary Benefits:

  • Windows, iOS, Android, Linux applications
  • Wide range of Opportunities for Clients
  • Algorithm Studio
  • Variety of Tools
  • TIS


You can use Mobius Trader 7 as the primary & the only dealing platform for private & institutional clients.


Finovace offers server installation on our servers & yours as well.

  • Public SSL
  • SSL Connections
  • U2-Factor Authentication


Finovace can brand the terminal for your company as well as insert a design that you can easily register under your company name by the law.


  • SOAP API integration with of Core Banking System’s internal solutions
  • Unlimited Number of API Integrations
  • Reports – Stream & On Request