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With the motive of making the Payment Gateways / Payment Service Provider (PSP) a flexible, safe and secured solutions, Finovace is always in the state of deploying the frictionless technologies for their clients and the end users of respective clients. Finovace is having the wide range of PSP in every sector to avoid the physical presence of individuals targeting the cashless economic.

Basic norms we strictly follow while plugging in PSP for our clients

Easy to respond

Easy to respond

Finovace manages all its Payment server with one to one monitoring , user can experience a less respond-time for their payment request.

Smooth server plug-in provider

Smooth server plug-in

Opting for Finovace for PSP setup enable you with smooth sever plug ins rather than complicated and difficult installations.

User Acceptance

User Acceptance

End user wants to make the payment with the options easily available with them on-the-go. We facilitate you with the options of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, e-wallets, cash cards and bank cards.

Minimized Complexity and Confusions

Minimized Complexity and Confusions

Though making payment through online payment service provider is very usual nowadays, customers want to use the easy and smooth payment flows. Finovace aims at making the PSP setup simple and with no confusion for end users as well for the clients preventing them scroll to your competitor’s service.

Data Confidentiality of User and Client

Data Confidentiality of User and Client

While making payment, end users are always concerned about data safety and confidentiality. Finovace is dedicated to ensure that Client's and User's data is utilized safely and in a secured manner. Each access request goes with authentication process maintaining the data privacy strongly.

Our Expertise

Add-ons for PSP Setup with Finovace

Cost Minimization

Considering data privacy and hassle free payments services our main focus is to reduce your cost for setting up PSP. Businesses don’t have to pay extra for payment operational cost.

Multiple Payment Gateways used globally

Clients get a global-variety of payment gateways they are willing to setup for their business as their Payment Service Provider.

Transaction reports

Along with data privacy tracking of transaction reports is also merged in this exciting service of Finovace PSP Setup,

Paperless Work

Finovace and its team is having a deep-understanding of the relationship between the server-to-clients , clients-to-user and vice versa. Using this technical knowledge and hands-on experience we provide you the Payment Service Provider Set up that are free from all the hard paper works.

Industries we serve

Finovace offers its best service of PSP Setup to all Business Categories.

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Finovace Group, launched in 2018 offers one stop services for all Fintech, BPM, KPO and Outsourcing Services. With the skilled team and right KPI & SPO, we offer one of the best services and support for the businesses to grow with us.

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