We, at FINOVACE BROKERAGE TECHNOLOGY LTD , believe in providing complete satisfaction to our clients. By using our terms and conditions we believe that the acceptance has been offered by a user in a healthy state of mind. In this situation, if a client places a request for any of our service or product, we believe that the client has read all the terms and has understood them thoroughly. We provide software products and digital services. All the refunds are subject to the sole discrimination of the finance department of FINOVACE BROKERAGE TECHNOLOGY LTD .

Cancellation Policy

We believe in extending cooperation with the users of our services and products in the ways possible. We follow a flexible cancellation possible if the need arises. We consider valid cancellation requests if they are submitted within a specific timeframe after the placement of the order. This is 72 hours from the period of order placement. The requests for canceling an order will not be considered after this time period. We suggest the users note the date of order placement before placing any request. We do not entertain any request for cancellation of any service or product that the marketing team has launched on special occasions. This is because these deals are unique and are offered for a limited period only. Cancellations of such products or services are not possible. The users cannot make claims for cancellation once the products and services have been used, under any circumstance. The cancellations shall be subjected to approval by the Support Team and the decision would be treated to be final. In event of any product or service received by you are not functioning appropriately, then you must notify the customer service team immediately within 24 hours of making a purchase. The team will take appropriate measures required for looking into the matter. Cancellation requests shall not be entertained if they are submitted for any reason possible after the cooling period.

Refund policy

If you wish to submit a request for arefund, you need to get in touch with the support team along with your purchase details within ninety days of availing any service or product. Do not forget to mention your invoice and order number which you received via email after placing an order. You need to mention the reason for requesting a refund which will be processed only after the approval from the concerning team. The fee charged towards a service or product would be subject to refund only after approval from the Support Team and from the third-party rendering the service. We process refunds within 21 days from the date oftherequest if they have been approved by the team. If the payment has been made by credit card, the refunds will be issued to the original credit card used at the time of purchase. The refund would be made to the same account in case the user uses a payment gateway