UTIP Whitelabel

Finovace UTIP Whitelabel

In 2008 UTIP Technologies Ltd released the first efficient version of the UTIP platform. Forex brokerages and companies, working under the White Label, their ware create forex trading platform for them. The platform itself became a perfect chance for the cost effective start of the own brokerage.

UTIP Whitelabel platform benefits for a broker
  • Forex, cryptocurrency and options at one trading account
  • Automatic dealing of the deals
  • Terminals - Desktop, Web, Mobile
  • High performance
  • Security
  • Choice of Liquidity
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  • High quality data feed
  • Execution - A & B Book
  • Risk hedging
  • Sales Management with CRM
  • Integrated TradersRoom
  • Payment systems
  • Integrated Admin
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UTIP Client Terminal

UTIP Client terminal platform is designed to meet the client need, it is customisable trading environment that helps to improve you trading performance.UTIP client terminal are support to all the types of platforms such are

A Book & B- Book Execution Features

2 modes of working with client orders are available in the UTIP platform. A-Booking for the positions output to the liquidity provider, B-Booking for internal dealing.

For split second
  • Making deals are less than 1 sec
  • Deposit from $0 and no commissions
  • The best liquidity providers
Finovace A Book & B- Book
  • Flexible system of trading settings
  • Convenient filters and reports
  • Client transfer from A-booking to B-booking and back with one click

Integration With the CRM Platform

With the help of UTIP, we provide one of the best Forex platforms, Trader’s Room and CRM system.

With integrating the trading platform and CRM system you can get the ready-made business solution that provides a completely new level of functionality. CRM interface allows passing any information related to a trader to third-party applications. You can get all the detailed information about customers and their trading results directly in your CRM.

CRM is a convenient way to manage your customers on a single platform. You can have options for payment transfers and also you can send them the advertising email without leaving the system.

Finovace UTIP CRM System

Integrated With the Admin Terminal

With help of admin terminal you can create, modifies and handle all trading operations, through the admin terminals are like manager terminal and client terminal.

Back Office API
Risk Management Back Office
Trading Terminal

Choice of Liquidity

Finovace features a progressive solution, which combines best liquidity with multiple execution methods. Its flexible integration choices are designed for today’s complex trading environment.

Finovace Choice of Liquidity

Features of UTIP Whitelabel

With our UTIP Whitelabel solutions you can start Your Forex brokerage business at affordable cost. UTIP Platform – is a ready-made set of WhiteLabel Solutions for Forex brokerage business, it contains built-In system of orders execution and protects your data store from unauthorized access.

Client Terminal

UTIP client terminals support all types of devices (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile).Traders get access all over the world.

Manager Terminal

Brokerage company and employees can easily interact with the platform through the manager terminal.

Trade Server

It combines work stability, good performance which includes such services are: Web Service, Auto Dealer, Backup, Data Base & Guard.


Web API functions, the broker will be able to connect with CRM ,Trader's Room & additional services for his employees & clients.

Smart Dealer

The platform already contains built-in smart dealer virtual dealer, which automatically processes all customer requests.

Backup Service

To protect the database from deletion out of system, backups are created automatically with help of the backup service.

Database Service

The Database service contains all the platform data, including some calculations and functions.

Guard Service

The Guard service is to maintain server to run constantly in case of unforeseen technical problems.

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